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The logo with the majestic animal in an aggressive posture ready to lunge at its prey is a befitting emblem for the brand Puma shoes. This company has been in force since 1924 and has created and innovate new techniques in the footwear industry. The Puma running shoes, Puma women’s shoes, Puma tennis sneakers and other sports accessories like jackets, shirts, bags, hats etc are all witness to the huge success of this giant in the shoe history. Puma is associated with all sports related activities like basketball, motorsports, tennis, golf, running, football, wrestling and soccer. People may have a wide variety to choose from but Pumas reigns supreme. For it has a rich heritage in the building of its shoe regime.

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The history of Puma shoes is resplendent with its association with various top ranking athletes who have given Puma its due place under the sun. Pele, the evergreen football hero sported Puma sneakers when he won the World Cup finals. Boris Becker and his Puma sneakers used to mesmerize everybody along with his smashing aces and volleys. And who can forget Linford Christie walking in those Puma sneakers to receive his Olympic gold medal? In 1930s 2 brothers, Adi and Rudi Dassler started a small shoe business with 25 employees making 100 pairs of athletic shoes daily in Germany. In early 1930s they started catering to the athletic world specifically, and their designs gained recognition in the 1928 Olympics, where they were first inaugurated by the Dutch athletes. Jesse Owens furthered the success of Dassler shoes, and there was not a single member in the German football team who had not worn them.

During the World War Rudi joined the German army while Adi continued making shoes for the soldiers and this brought a rift between the brothers. Ever since, neither the families nor the business have been united. Rudi floated his own shoe company Puma and the same year he introduced the first football boot named Atom. Herbert Burdenski from the West German team scored the first goal for his team wearing the Atom. Adi too formed his own company Adidas which had its fair share of recognition in the world of sports. The Czech runner Emil Zatopek and his wife Dana Ingrova introduced Adidas to the world.

The endeavor for constant improvement and implementation of new technologies has earned Puma worldwide recognition and they recently won the rights to sponsor the 2006 World Cup champions of Fifa, the Italian team. They are no longer known as Puma running shoes or just Puma sneakers, but have also garnered a coveted place in the world of car racing by setting up partnerships with BMW and Ferrari. The designs, themes and colors of the Puma shoes will bedazzle you, and the Puma sneakers will make you look cool and set you apart from the rest with its huge collection of pinks, oranges, whites, purples, reds, grays, yellow and blacks. It is Puma shoes that have set quality standards for other reputed companies.

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