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The mention of the word Nike shoes brings the image of the logo and the slogan ‘Just do it’ before our eyes. Nike shoes are amongst the popular brands in the footwear industry known for their sneakers and running shoes. Nike has gained immense publicity in the field of sports, and some of the best known players are their brand ambassadors. Nike brand shoes have secured a prestigious position along with many others. The Nike sneakers are a huge hit with teenagers as these can be teamed up with a pair of jeans, skirts and sweaters.

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Nike derived its name from the Greek Goddess of victory and the people behind the innovation were a track coach Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight, a mid-distance running athlete. Together they decided to import shoes from Japan which were inexpensive and made with advanced technology and they started selling under the brand name Blue Ribbon Sports. Soon, a rival of Knight joined them as their salesman. Bill Bowerman is said to have poured rubber into his wife’s waffle making iron and struck up with the innovative idea of the famous Nike running shoes Waffle Outsole. The waffle outsole gave birth to a successive range of shoes and the most popular ones being Nike Air Force One, Max 95, Air Max, Waffle Racer, Shox and Air Max 93. Soon the famous Swoosh logo was created by a Portland State University student.

The Nike running sneakers were modified implementing the Air Technology by inserting into the soles, plastic membranes which were filled with gas to enable a cushion like effect, and the first Nike running shoes to use this technology was the Air Force 1 basketball shoe. They roped in Michael Jordan to endorse their products and released his signature - the Air Jordan shoes. NBA’s ban on these shoes saw a phenomenal upsurge in the publicity and success of Nike running shoes. Almost all the athletic shoes or those meant for games use this technology. Next, the launch of Nike Air Max shoe brought in another revolution with the air cushioning component made apparent at the side of the midsole. Nike saw another turning point with the designing of a new shoe made especially for cross training. Soon it introduced another program wherein, it collected the athletic shoes, separated and ground them and made them useful for athletic fields and tracks.

Nike footwear were first used by the Brazilian football team and thereafter became a known name in the football world, and by being associated with Tiger Woods they became the famous brand to be used in golf as well. Nike bought over Converse for $305 million and launched the 20th edition of the famous Air Jordan series. With the advancement of technology Nike brand shoes launched a program to manufacture products which were environment friendly. Nike sneakers is used practically in every sport today for its technology that ensures comfort for the players Nike shoes has set benchmarks for producing the appropriate shoes, meant not only for runners and athletes, but also for those who use them on a regular basis. A pair of Nike sneakers is mandatory in everybody’s wardrobe.

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