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You may be having the cool sneakers or the fashionable shoes tucked away in your wardrobe along with your trendy ones for those casual occasions but without a pair of New Balance shoes your footwear collection is incomplete. New Balance are made keeping in mind individual characteristics such as the shape of the foot, the body type, activities of the individual and any medical conditions.

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While the giants keep the fashion quotient in mind, New Balance brand shoes are concerned with providing you the right type of footwear. For this they have developed different foot models for men, women and children. People who buy shoes can wear them either for running or for any casual affair, but New Balance running shoes and sneakers is made with the purpose for various activities that require support levels, stability and traction, not to forget the cushioning of the feet.

The NewBalance shoes are designed to support and encourage the forward movement. The heels are higher and the forefoot comparatively lower and flexible with the toes rolled up. They know that cushioning of the heel is vital for running shoes and some have cushioning in the forefoot and throughout the shoe also which helps to maintain the forward rocking movements. They even have a separate collection for runners who have heavy bodies, weak ankles, flat feet and are also useful for those having stability problems.

The New Balance stability running shoes provide better support for people who have arches and cushioning shoes are for light bodied runners who do not have arch problems but need cushioning and shock absorbing qualities. The NewBalance lightweight running shoes are meant for those who indulge in speed racing and training. The Trail running shoes are meant to safeguard you from sharp surfaces and have thicker outsoles. New Balance walking shoes have less cushioning and are designed for the forward movement without speed.

Other strenuous sports like basketball and tennis have made New Balance shoes to be designed to support both the foot and body movements. NewBalance shoes are made of leather with sturdy sidewalls for ankle support and are invincible. They last longer than the other sneakers as the company has been able to maintain their standards till date.

NewBalance was started in Boston by an English immigrant William Riley mainly for the manufacture of orthopedic shoes and arch supports. Later he formed a partnership with Arthur Hall and supplied footwear to the police force and all those who were literally on their feet all day. Later the company manufactured the world’s first running shoes with multiple widths called Trackster, which became a big hit with the coaches and fitness directors. The company never needed any advertising campaign and was popularized by the word of mouth technique and low profile promotions. When Tom Fleming won the 1975 marathon wearing the New Balance 320 running shoes, the brand was rated numero uno by Runner’s World Magazine. Gradually the company started manufacturing their products overseas for which they received flak. As a result, they increased their work force back home using advanced technology and improvised management but there are still some manufacturing units overseas.

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