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Ed Hardy who hails from San Francisco is one of the well known names in the tattoo world. He is known to have indulged in the art of tattoo from a very young age. He went to Japan and mastered the art of tattooing, incorporating Asian culture and heritage into it. He later opened the Tattoo City studio which became a revered temple of learning for tattoo enthusiasts. Ed Hardy has written several books with the help of his wife on unconventional art and has endorsed clothing lines and fragrances.

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Shoes are taking on a transformational transition from being one of mere necessity to that of fashion and portrayal of creativity. Ed's concept has been implemented in the new age shoes with various colors and designs. Ed Hardy shoes are a rage, and have coveted their own niche amongst the likes of other footwear giants. It is the designs on the Ed Hardys shoes that give its characteristic appeal.

The Ed Hardy shoes are one that blend well with your apparel and sets you apart. You can be assured of a few appreciative glances when you step out of the house in those stylish fancy shoes. With competition everywhere, it is natural that the footwear industry cannot lag behind. You would be amazed with the collections that are thronging the market, and each one is trying to outdo the others to secure a place in the display windows.

The revolutionization of the plain simple shoes to one of status symbol shows that the traditional is giving way to new eclectic ideas which are being embraced by everybody. The Hardy shoes have been favorites among sports fraternities and there are varieties of shoes, clothing & shirts that have been identified for a particular game for example basketball or baseball. You must have seen quite a few during your school or college days as these events are great places to flaunt your new possessions.

Everyday there are new creations and there seems to be just no stopping to the ideas that are being used to grab the attention. The EdHardy shoes have colorful designs such as the Flying Panther Tiger Slip Sneakers, the Kicks Dragon Sneakers and the Kicks Snake Sneakers. These sneakers are available online and are quite fascinating. Not only are these shoes extremely vibrant and extraordinary but you do not have to compromise on the comfort factor as well. So flaunt your Ed Hardy's shoes with style.

The Ed Hardy sneakers will appeal to your kids as well and they will just love the collection. They love the tattoo kind of designs on their shoes, clothing & shirts which give them a separate identity. These sneakers have been made specifically for people who take part in skateboarding activities and are a major attraction. The Ed Hardy sneakers have their own genre and are as popular as the other stylish sneakers. These sneakers are a fashion statement not only for the bold who defy all normal things but also for those who want to bring in a little difference to their way of dressing.

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